zek crew

The ZEK crew was established in 2001. It was primarily a graffiti crew, attempting street art and turning later on towards design. Today, 8 members form this all-round creative collective, including graphic, type, industrial designers, graffiti writers, illustrators, an architect and a VJ. The crew has participated in several exhibitions and graffiti jams around Europe, with its work being featured in publications such as Los Logos, Stickeraward, Graphotism and Concrete magazine. It is also famous for its StripGenerator, an award winning online comic generator. The crew always tries to incorporate wit, humor, and clever ideas into its artwork, mixing minimalism with kitsch, combining old styles with contemporary approaches, but not neglecting the tradition through the use of improvisation. The variety of members enables the crew to take up any task, always in search for new visual sensations.