tisa neža herlec

Tisa Neža Herlec (1996) is currently finishing her bachelors degree at the painting department of the Academy of art and design in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In the year 16/17 she studied at an ENSA Dijon in France. In her own artistic praxis she joins different media (from sound to text), in the field of visual she draws, paints and makes prints. In the past two years she actively exhibits home and abroad. In her work she deals with the common and the everyday, she tends towards understanding the time and space, the circumstances in which she lives and creates. She is interested in the methodologies in the field of artistic production and participatory practices, she holds a critical opinion towards the institutions and the working conditions in culture, which is also visible in her engagement in alternative spaces and inspires her thinking concerning contemporary curatorial strategies. For the past four years she has been a part od Modri kot, a space in a squat called Autonomous Rog Factory, where she organises and participates. She receives a scholarship from the city of Ljubljana.