RONE84 (1973) creates drawings, paintings and painting interventions in the public space. Exhibiting since 1997, his works have been part of numerous solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. He often abandons his works on street walls or in sketch pads. In the past, he was very much fond of recycling old materials, and he is most often to be seen holding a felt-tip pen in his hand. He graduated from the Department of Graphic Art, School of Arts, Nova Gorica. In 2013, he issued his first artist’s book entitled And the beat goes on. Extending over more than 350 pages, 100 signed and numbered copies contain visual materials exclusively, enabling us to follow the drawings that have been emerging in his daily drawing sessions since 1988. Functioning as a book of poetry for adults, his book received recognition at the Brumen competition and was part of the 10th New York Art Book Fair in MoMA where the P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute was presenting current artist’s books and a selection of collector’s editions.