maja babič košir
02. 10. – 05. 11. 2018

Having lived and worked abroad for ten years, illustrator, painter and sculptor Maja Babič Košir returns home to present her first solo exhibition (of paintings) here. As is typical for her, the works displayed will reflect the author’s search for beauty in life rather than pain and sorrow. Her work remains committed to intimate existential experience, always embarking on an introverted search for personal and private happenings and moods. The artist’s research into art as therapy has led to impulsive images, which, in most cases, were hiding a strong emotional charge. The cathartic drawings and paintings yet contain the traces of a sculptor, such as thick layers of paint on canvas. Intuition, evocation and connection with (past) feelings and longing have enabled an unconscious appearance of words. When appearing in her works, they have a spontaneous, playful and relaxed effect.

In the exhibition “I have to go. Bollocks”, Babič Košir continues to pose questions of identity, the perception of women and femininity, sexuality, (disillusioned) love and longing for love. According to herself, she knows no censorship when creating. Her figures are not the only thing she lays bare: she also shows us how to break free of social norms, rules and the weight of “normality”, and how to cause the draught, at least, to aerate the patriarchal mustiness.