16.1. – 28.02.2018
nina čelhar: light on light

Nina Čelhar is among the most promising Slovenian painters in today’s generation of young artists. She lives up to this promise relentlessly following a series of solo and group exhibitions both locally and abroad. Her work has also been included as part of several collections (inter alia ESSL and RIKO) and she has been awarded an array of international prizes, like the esteemed ESSL Art Award CEE.

To her, art is a space for self-realisation where she gives meaning and colour through her painting. Through her works, she explores the current architecture that wraps around people’s living spaces, transforming the latter into a venue of tranquility. Between the external and internal physical spaces, she also leads the viewers into a psychological space – stripped off all tangible distractions, where viewers can pause in its serenity and question their own existence in a calm context.

The exhibition Light on Light uncovers ´an existential experience´ that takes us on a journey, from a flat, two-dimensional view of the house into a deeper interior on smaller canvases, where walls and other intimate details also play a prominent role. Minimalism is the key operating concept. Through the homogeneity of contents and colours, the viewer is invited into a safe and secure space, into a feeling of peace, opening the valves for reflection.

14.11.2017 – 10.01.2018
something ending, something beginning. 

SOMETHING ENDING, SOMETHING BEGINNING, an exhibition inspired by the potential of a line, and the creative paths it takes to inspire the beginning of the artist’s journey.

The line is a mark of certainty. It denotes simplicity, and the kernel of the raw creative mind. It is a solid promise that stays with the artist from the beginning to the end of the artist’s journey. On a blank canvas, the line can become a personality — often flowing into curves, shapes and patterns. Sometimes staying solitary. The line is bold and brash. The line thin and demure. Incomplete yet harmonious, jagged yet smooth. A line in a drawing, a line next to an image, a line behind a line, quick and slow, in pencil, charcoal, coloured, paint stroke, through, beneath and over. Or all of the above at once. But if you read between each line, you will find a story – one with a pulse, and a vision that frees perception.

Six emerging artists, Nevena Aleksovski, Ivana Bajec, Nina Čelhar, Mina Fina, Maja Babič Košir and Helena Tahir, share their visual stories, exploring the line in diverse ways. Indulge!